There are many binding options to make a great area rug even better. These finishing touches can change the look of the rug with the type of binding you pick. The practical reason to put binding on your area rug is to protect the edge of the carpet from wear and unraveling, but just as important are the aesthetics. There are a few different area rug bindings to consider; typical binding, wide border binding, fringed or serged edge.

Any of these bindings can be done standard at the mill or you can customize it our fabricators can cut the carpet create the binding right on site. Customizing binding doesn’t add to the production time and enables you to create something with more interest. We have a 100s of colors and materials to choose from; such as different textured fabrics, printed fabrics, outdoor fabrics, leather, suede and even tapestry. Why not consider putting a natural skin or hide on the edge to give some added character or pop of color?

Another way to make a simple boring carpet into a beautiful focal point would be to combine more than one border together to make a really wide border or striped effect. Or you could mix different types of materials such as a braided border with a hide or an inset cord. This can add texture and depth to the space.

Just when you didn’t think there could be any more choices, there are also some corner stitching options . You can pick from a straight corner, blind stich with mitered corners and blind stitch with straight corners.

One last option to think about is fringing. This is usually on done on two opposite end of the rug and the other sides are serged or have a regular binding on it. The fringe is available if natural cotton and wool. You can also have the fringe knotted or unknotted as well as different length options.

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