The Green Initiative 

Williston Weaves has a wide selection of Green products to satisfy your needs. We are constantly searching for suppliers that involve themselves with the Earth cause, making sure that sustainable manufacturing is been used. We too are driven to the cause with recycling programs, energy efficiency and Green initiatives in full swing; we are striving to maximize our ability.

We will be updating you with new and exciting products that are beneficial for the planet, watch out for our newsletter with details.

What our Manufacturers are saying.......  


........A Commitment to Sustainability 
Sustainability through Innovation™. It's our commitment to creating the most beautiful — and sustainable — flooring in the world. And to helping create a better planet for our customers, our people and our communities in the process. 

Rooted in our drive to continuously improve every aspect of our business, our Mill guides everything we do, every day — from maintaining highest ethical standards to safeguarding the health and well-being of our the people and communities, conserving energy and water, and recycling materials — to designing cradle-to-cradle products that can be raw remanufactured over and over again. 

Because setting the standard for environmental excellence, social responsibility and product design is more than our responsibility. It's also good business. And it's our legacy. 

Improving Tomorrow's Environment Today 
Our Mill is noted for its leadership, both in the flooring industry and the communities in which we operate. Environmental stewardship is an example this leadership. While environmental awareness is clearly a trend today, we've of been working for years on innovative ways of reducing waste, improving our manufacturing rocesses, and preserving our natural  resources. It comes back to our commitment to our employees and customers,and the communities where we live and work........


.......Environmental Leadership That Works!
Making “green claims” is easy. Making a green difference is a bit more difficult. For years, our mill has been an industry leader in actively seeking innovative ways to recycle, reduce, reuse and renew. We’ve learned that successful energy-saving initiatives and eco-friendly flooring options work for everyone: our business, our industry, our neighbors, our immediate environment and our entire planet. 

So we’re always exploring new ideas to make our products and processes more sustainable and reduce our use of natural resources. Our mill is committed to being responsible and sustainable.

By the Numbers

500: The number of our mills products currently containing recycled materials.
3 Billion: About how many recycled plastic bottles we take in each year to manufacture carpets and other home products.
3 Billion: Pounds of pre- and post-consumer waste our mill diverts from landfills each year.
100 percent: Water from manufacturing processes at most our mills ceramic tile facilities that is reused and never discharged as waste.

And that’s just a small snapshot of the many ways we’ve found to decrease our carbon footprint. The result: beautiful, environmentally friendly flooring and reduced impact on the planet........ 


........Discover the Good Nature of New Zealand Wool*
Sheep out number people in New Zealand 13 to 1 and are a natural icon for the country. Living in the green hills and gentle, unpolluted climate, sheep enjoy unique natural advantages that enable them to grow incredibly beautiful, superior wool.

As the world's largest exporter of wool for carpets, New Zealand farmers have access to a vast repository of research and a strong legacy of wool harvesting skills. Such expertise ensures that their techniques impose minimum environmental impact and guarantees better animal care.

New Zealand Wool: A fabulous fiber! New Zealand sheep produce a naturally stri=ong and uniform wool fiber which is flame retardant and resistant to dirt and crushing. It's also naturally versatile. And because New Zealand wool is exceptionally pure and white, it possesses excellent dyeing characteristics that assure striking ritch color.

Environmentally Friendly
New Zealand wool used to manufacture products that carry the Wools of New Zealand mark carpets is one of the purest, most ecological fibers in the world. To produce this biodegradable and renewable resource, only environmentally responsible production methods are used. And the manufacturing process and the products themselves must conform to environmental requirements in the country of consumption.

Through the research of Wool Research Inc., New Zealand wool is scoured using the most energy and water-efficient system in the world. Moreover, scientific land management and flock rotation ensure that the land will nurture this natural fiber for generations to come.

No internationally banned pesticides are used on New Zealand sheep farms. Since 1993, pesticide levels have been cut in half, making New Zealand's sheep industry one of the world's greenest animal production systems. Any slight residue on the product is removed during the scouring process........


........Our Mill's Commitment
To natural fiber carpets and area rugs is unsurpassed in the industry. We were the first carpet manufacturer in the United States to introduce a running line product that incorporates only 100% natural materials. Our use of industrial hemp was also a first in the carpet industry. We are committed to 100% sustainable resource floor-coverings and will not manufacture a product from non-renewable petrochemical resources. This would include the “recycled pop bottle products” gaining popularity today. Even though these products are marketed as environmentally friendly because of their recycled origins, putting pop bottles into floor-coverings halts the recycling process. The fact is, virtually all consumer floor-coverings go to the landfill after their useful lives have expired. Bio-floor is 100% bio-degradable and if taken to the landfill will decompose just as trees, brush and grass clippings do.

Also, keep in mind that Bio-Floor is completely different than any of the other wool carpets made today that claim to be eco-friendly and natural. Those products are full of synthetic chemicals whether it is on the face yarns (dyes, mothproofing, and/or stain protection) or in the synthetic backing or adhesive.

Some of the benefits of Bio-floor include:

100% natural, nontoxic soft floor-covering alternative that is also biodegradable
Superior comfort and durability from wool face yarns that contain no dyes, mothproofing, or stain protection
Natural rubber adhesive that is free of VOC’s for the Chemically Sensitive
An industry first hemp/cotton primary backing
A highly pliable product that aids in installation
Made in the U.S.A.