This week we are continuing with our spring cleaning blog series. Anyone who has a pet has definitely experienced their precious pets either having an accident on the carpet or coming in from the rain and tracking their muddy paws all over the house.

“How to remove pet stains out of rugs and carpet” is a question we get asked a lot. Just follow the below steps and your carpet should look good as new.

Steps to Get New Pet Urine Stains Out of Carpet

Step 1: Soak up as much urine as possible
Apply a poultice by using several paper towels or white towels and putting a heavy weight on the top to soak up the urine. You may have to do this several times till it seems dry.

Step 2: Rinse the spot with water
After you have blotted up the urine, put some water in a spray bottle. Start spraying the spot an inch just outside the perimeter of the stain and work inward to the middle of the stain. You want to wet it enough so the water works through the stain. Let the water sit for a minute and then apply paper towels and heavy object on top again to soak up the water. If you have a wet vac, use it to suck up all the water.

Step 3: Dispose of Soiled Towels
Put the urine soaked paper towels where in the kitty litter box if you have a cat or in the outside bathroom area for the dog. This will show the pet that they need to go in the right place. Once the pet has smelled the towels throw them in the garbage.

Step 4: Apply a Pet Odor Neutralizer
Once the stain is clean, make sure to test a high quality pet neutralizer on a hidden portion of the rug first to make sure it doesn’t stain. Then spray the pet neutralizer on the area.

Steps to Remove An Old Pet Urine Stain Out of Rugs

Step 1: Use Your Nose or a Black Light to Find the Stains
You will be able to see the some stains, but sometimes others you might not be able to see that areas. In order to find those areas, you can go around and use your nose to see if you can smell it. The other way is to use a UV or Florescent black light to identify the areas. You will need to wait till it is dark and then turn on the black light. Use a sweeping motion across the rug and then step back. Urine stained areas should show up as a yellow greenish color.

Step 2: Mark Spots With Tape
As you find the spots, put tape around the areas so that when you put the lights back on you know exactly where to treat the areas.

Step 3: Remove Stain With Enzymatic Cleaner
Fill a spray bottle with distilled water. Spray the area around the outside perimeter working your way to the middle in a circular motion. If you have a wool rug, make sure the enzymatic cleaner is safe for use on wool. Test the cleaner on a hidden are to make sure it doesn’t stain. Then spray the enzymatic cleaner on the wet area. Follow the directions on the cleaner bottle on how long to leave the solution on the rug. Wet paper towels with cold water and put them on the spot. Then apply the heavy object on top. It is best to leave this on overnight and remove the poultice in the morning. If the stain still isn’t removed then you may want to hire a professional.

How to Remove Mud From Carpet

Step 1: Let Mud Dry and Remove With Brush
If the mud is still wet, let it dry. Once dry, then use a stiff wire brush and paper. Put the paper near the stain, and take the brush with an upward movement brush dirt onto to paper. Keep doing this till you get all or most of the dirt off the rug or carpet.

Step 2: Use Vacuum to Remove Loose Dirt
Vacuum over the muddy spot several times till all the loose dirt has been removed.

Step3: Remove the Stain With by Hand
Mix 1 tbsp of dish soap with 2 cups of warm water. Apply liquid to stain with sponge and working from the outside to the middle, blot the stained area till the stain is gone. Rinse with cold water and blot with clean towels and heavy object till excess liquid is absorbed.

Do you have any remedies that you use to get stains out? Share them with us on socially on Facebook , Twitter , and Linkedin . or write them in the comments area below.