I am sure you have seen it before, where you walk into your client’s house and notice the rug has some big ugly fade marks right in the main line of sight. The room has two windows with maximum sun exposure that shine right in the middle of the room. You automatically think, “How can I prevent that from happening with my redesign of their room?” You certainly don’t want a repeat the fade marks on the new rug. Here are few ways to prevent a rug or carpet from fading.

First, you need to consider the quality of materials/ fibers the rug or carpet from which it has been made. Some fibers and dyes are more resistant to UV rays. Rugs made from wool that have good quality, natural, saturated dyes are very resistant to sunlight and should not fade. Some other fibers such as acrylic and polyester fibers also have superior resistance to sunlight. Most fibers, that are solution dyed such as Polypropylene (olefin), have excellent resistance to color loss, too.

The dye process can also be factor in how rugs age and hold their color. Solution dyed is better than a continuous dyed or beck dyed products. Solution dyed fibers are pre-dyed before it is tufted into the blanket or backing. Since the pigment used is mixed in a solid state the fibers are dyed throughout rather than just on the surface. This process is more expensive, but because it has the dye all the way through the fibers, it makes them resistant to fading.

Here are some precautions your clients can take to help prevent their rug or carpet from fading: Lower the shades when gone during the day; Rotate the area rug every 6 to 9 months so that there is an even patina; Add UV tint protection on the windows. This is fairly inexpensive and will help.

Another option is to spray an additive, like scotch-guard, on the rug. Basically it is a combination of chemical that are sprayed over the rug, creating a film on the surface of the rug. We really don’t recommend this treatment, especially on natural fibers like wool, hemp, or silk. Natural fibers need to breath and chemicals clog up the fiber not allowing breathing . The will end up breaking down the carpet quicker.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to prevent a rug or carpet from fading? We would love to hear them. Please comment below.

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