Oriental & Custom Rugs


Oriental & Custom Rugs shown are part of collections and might not be available for immediate delivery.
Most Orientals & Custom Rugs are available in different color choices and various size options.
The Oriental & Custom rugs which are displayed here are only part of our vast inventory.
Please visit us at our showroom for our full selection, or call for more information.
Strikeoff service available for your convenience.

Allure Blossom Classic Elite Gabbeh
 Ganges  Garruse  Mahal  Mahal  Majestic
 Mogal  Narmada  Narmada  Narmada  Nuance
 Orchid  Orchid  Orleans  Orleans  Pearl
 Pearl  Prestige  Tabriz  Versailles  Vintage
 Vintage  Zephyr      


Armenians Armenians Armenians Armenians Artex
 Artex  Artex  Artex  Aubussons  Aubussons
Aubussons  Aubussons  Bessarabians  Mamluk  Mamluk
 Mamluk  Needlepoint  Oshak  Oshak  Savonneries
 Sultanabad  Sultanabad  Sultanabad  Sultanabad  Tapestries
 Tapestries  Tapestries  Tapestries  Tapestries  


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