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Williston Weaves’ May Designer Showcase: Liz Caan Interiors

We have picked Liz Caan of Liz Caan Interiors to highlight for our May Designer Showcase because of her exceptional ability to put charisma and wit in her designs all while reflecting her client’s personality and lifestyle.

How to Remove Organic Stains, Like Blood, Red Wine or Coffee from Rug or Carpet

We have all been there, where life gets sloppy and either you or someone in your life, spills red wine, coffee, tea or Kool-Aid on your rug. Or your kids, and in my case my husband, gets a bloody nose and you can follow the path of blood drops to the bathroom. It’s always challenge getting these stains out of any type of rug or carpet.

If you Google,” how to get these stains out of the rug,” you will find a plethora of ways to get the stains out from homemade remedies to chemical retail ones.

How to Get Pet Stains out of the Carpet

This week we are continuing with our spring cleaning blog series. Anyone who has a pet has definitely experienced their precious pets either having an accident on the carpet or coming in from the rain and tracking their muddy paws all over the house.

“How to remove pet stains out of rugs and carpet” is a question we get asked a lot. Just follow the below steps and your carpet should look good as new.

Steps to Get New Pet Urine Stains Out of Carpet

Step 1: Soak up as much urine as possible

How to Clean Stains Off Rugs and Carpets

With all this nice weather, it has got me thinking about doing some spring cleaning which includes cleaning all my rugs. Though I dread starting it, I do love the feeling of a clean house when I am done.

The best way to clean your rugs is to hire a professional rug cleaning service, but some may decide not to go that route and only clean the spots or high traffic areas yourself.

Cleaning stains and spots really depends on the type of rug and the type of stain you are trying to get out and what you need to do and use to remove it.

Cheryl McCracken Interiors is April’s Pick for the Williston Weaves Designer Showcase

We are happy to announce our new Designer Showcase. We have some remarkable Interior Designer clients that do exceptional work. Once a month we thought we would highlight a designer in our Designer Showcase.

May we have a drum roll please. We are proud to announce that we picked Cheryl McCracken of Cheryl McCracken Interiors, Inc. for our very first Designer Showcase.

Best Carpet and Rugs for High Traffic Stairs

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from designers is, “ What type of carpeting works best for stairs?”

There are many factors to consider in this question. Designers need to keep in mind the client’s lifestyle; if the stairs are high traffic or rarely used; are your clients younger or older? do they have kids?, etc. With the carpet itself there are also many factors to keep in mind, such as the type of carpet, carpet fiber, density, carpet rating, twist rating, and pattern.

Custom Design Options for Rugs and Broadloom

As a designer, I am sure you run into these scenarios all the time… the client is in love with a rug that is in her inspiration picture. You look all over to find that rug and spend lots of time trying to figure out where you can get that rug only to find out it is not available anymore. Or you had a specific look in mind and found the perfect pattern or type of rug you like, but it doesn’t come in the right color palette and you end up settling.

Designer Options for Binding Area Rugs

There are many binding options to make a great area rug even better. These finishing touches can change the look of the rug with the type of binding you pick. The practical reason to put binding on your area rug is to protect the edge of the carpet from wear and unraveling, but just as important are the aesthetics. There are a few different area rug bindings to consider; typical binding, wide border binding, fringed or serged edge.

Wishing Spring Was Here, Thinking Green

With forecast in the Massachusetts calling for another 6-8 inches today, it has me longing for spring and all the greenness that comes with the season. So that got me to thinking about these great new “Green” carpets that have been becoming more popular and that we just got in our showroom.

How to Keep Rugs from Fading

I am sure you have seen it before, where you walk into your client’s house and notice the rug has some big ugly fade marks right in the main line of sight. The room has two windows with maximum sun exposure that shine right in the middle of the room. You automatically think, “How can I prevent that from happening with my redesign of their room?” You certainly don’t want a repeat the fade marks on the new rug. Here are few ways to prevent a rug or carpet from fading.