Custom Rugs

Creating a Custom Rug – The Process

Having a special custom rug is one of life’s great luxuries.  It is couture for the home and an exciting expression of design individuality.  After determining the placement and performance parameters for the proposed floor covering, a phase of pure design follows, in which concepts and renderings are discussed, ordered, and ultimately approved.  Colors and fibers are selected, possibly custom dyed, approved, and placed into the overall design plan for the custom rug. 

Sometimes a full size is ordered directly from the custom design plan and the yarns.  At other times, an actual sample is woven for the designer and client to view.  A sample confirms that the design requires no minor tweaking and/or adjustment and responds as desired to the rooms overall scheme.  After the sample is pronounced perfect, or amended, the full size is ordered and put into production. Eagerly awaited, your custom rug will arrive and exceed your expectations!